How do you know a new Kia SUV is the right choice for you? Matching the features to your needs and preferences helps, and so does taking one out on a test drive. A test drive tells you a lot about how a vehicle performs and delivers comfort. At HW Kia of West County, we encourage would-be car shoppers to try a Kia SUV out on the roads of Creve Coeur.

One Incredible Kia Inventory

Kia produces quite a few excellent sports utility vehicles, and buyers may be surprised at how vast our inventory is. Three models highlight the remarkable benefits of buying from this manufacturer: the Kia Telluride, Kia Seltos, and Kia Sportage.

The Telluride comes with a sleek look and tremendous passenger space, and the Kia Seltos reveals the company's enthusiasm to capture attention in the crossover market. The styling and engine do stand out. The Sportage delivers a small-sized SUV that still presents interior spaciousness and overall versatility.

We hope you will check out our grand inventory of Kia SUVs and other models. Please read up on the features, as many are impressive. The website is easy to navigate, and you are sure to find something appealing.

Planning a Test Drive

Anyone interested in going on a test drive in the Creve Coeur area can call our dealership and set up an appointment. We do encourage you to take more than one SUV out on the road. Checking out different Kia models helps you better decide which money would be most appropriate for you.

When behind the SUV's wheel, a driver discovers how well it performs on the road. Take the vehicle on streets and highways that are similar to your daily travels. Doing so gives you a great idea about the vehicle's practicality.

Schedule Your Test Drive Near Creve Coeur Today

Contact HW Kia of West County to set up a time and day to look over our Kia SUVs and take one out on a test drive.

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