Check Out the Latest Offerings from Kia at the St. Louis Auto Show!

HW Kia of West County invites shoppers throughout the area to check out the St. Louis Auto Show, happening January 23-26 at America's Center and the Dome in Downtown St. Louis. The Kia Motor Company will maintain a presence tat the show, allowing you to check out the latest concept models, updated Kia cars, and debuting models from the Kia brand. Afterward, we highly encourage you to swing by HW Kia of West County to take one of our new Kia models for a test drive. You will find us just a short drive outside of St Louis at 14116 Manchester Road in Ballwin, MO.

See What Kia Has in Store

If you buy tickets to the STL Auto Show in downtown St. Louis, you will get the chance to check out some of the latest offerings from this prestigious brand. Kia recently announced the all-new 2021 Kia Seltos, a crossover SUV which should arrive by next month for purchase but will likely have a presence at the STYL Auto Show for viewing. This latest crossover SUV appeals to SUV lovers and adventurers alike for its smaller, yet versatile design, and adaptable off-road capabilities. The Kia brand also announced the 2021 Kia Soul EV, an all-electric version of the recently-redesigned Kia Soul.

We highly encourage shoppers to get tickets to the STL Auto Show and swing by to see the latest of what Kia has to offer. We also advise shoppers to use public transit or carpool, if possible, to save time as the St. Louis area will also host an NHL All-Star Game. The city will get quite busy, so plan accordingly and expect traffic delays.

Stop by the Auto Show to Learn More

We hope you enjoy the latest from Kia at the St. Louis Auto Show, happening Jan 23-26 in downtown St. Louis. Afterward, feel free to check out our latest new Kia arrivals here at HW Kia of West County and test drive one here in Ballwin, MO!

We hope to hear from you soon!